Award winning Hair Wax

A definite keeper in your hair product arsenal. Perfect for Daily use, Festivals, Parties, Stag & Hen, Events, Clubbing, Raves, Halloween, Fancy dress.

Available in 7 shades to match virtually any color

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What users say ?

93% say Mofajang makes them look younger and attractive

90% agree that Mofajang is natural looking

96% would recommend it to others

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Try a new color every day of the week

7 colors to choose from. Easy to use and wash out. Change your look with no hassle and in no time with this professional pomade. Starts your party mode from your hair!

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  • Amy V.

    Amazing!! I was a little skeptical about if the color would be vibrant enough or even work, but I love it!! Ill definitely use this again!

  • Christine O.

    This styling wax is amazing. Just don't sleep with it in! I would recommend purchasing 2 or 3 colors, it's a lot of fun layering in the different colors, and it's looked like a mega professional job every time.

  • Royce K.

    I really enjoyed using this wax. It’s easy to use and makes my hair styling and fresh. I definitely will be buying it again!!