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Our Chatbot solution will automate your processes. Users will be able to chat with it as if it is a real person and automatically receive responses back.
Currently only Facebook, Kik, Slack, Telegram, *****, Google Actions (Google Home), Intercom, Layer, Viber, LINE, Twilio (SMS) & Web bots are available in this service

The basic service is for
- 1 Platforms
- 15 Conversation Steps
- 1 revision

What we need?
All we need is the responses or an outline of the bot. In short, you'll be able to visit a Facebook Page and click Message to talk to the bot through Facebook Messenger OR In case of others simply add the bot through its username and just drop a hi. It'll use AI/NLP to understand what the person said and reply accordingly.

The bot can also automatically receive payments from the user without ever leaving the app. (For shopping bots). Currently only ***** & ***** are supported.

We can also integrate the bot with an API, Small Talk, RSS Feeds, etc.

It is also possible to broadcast a message to everyone that has used your bot. Essentially creating a new marketing channel for your business.

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