fix all your website issues and create a SEO action plan

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Trying to get on Google a spot on the first page?
You think you tried everything?
After thought you maybe have website issues?

If Google can’t crawl your site due to an website issue, they won’t give you a spot on the first page, where potential customers are looking for your service! It is the same with the visitors on your website, 90% of them will leave the page if it doesn’t load faster than 5 seconds! This service is to present a better experience for both, your clients and Google!

Here is where DR. Pacospain comes in...

Included in the service:
1. DIY SEO Plan. step by step explanation!
2. Tips for Higher Conversions and better engagement with your visitors.
3. On Page SEO Report - Meta Descriptions, Titles, Content and more.
4. Off Page SEO Report - Full Backlinks Analysis, Opportunities, Plan and more!
5. Backlink Profile Cleanup - Removing all bad links to your website, Diversify your link and anchor text structure.
6. Fixing any Google Penalty!
7. A .PDF with all these points above and step by step guide on how to get them easily fixed!

We promise to put your website in a perfect condition, have more traffic and happy clients!


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